Cosmetic Laser

Using Lasers To Control Your Look

Harness Light To Improve Your Look

Lasers are an effective way to make long lasting cosmetic changes to your body. When used as a medical device, lasers create a focused beam of intense light and heat which have been found to help improve your look.

When used properly, lasers can remove hair, reduce the appearance of dark blue veins, rejuvenate your skin, and much more.

Without any incisions, needles or even creams, cosmetic laser treatments are a great way to create your new look.


Our Laser Services

  • Skin Rejuvenation

    Lasers can be used to reduce wrinkles around the lips or eyes, even the entire face, softening fine wrinkles and removing certain pigmentations and other colored blemishes on the face.
  • Vascular Laser Treatment

    Cosmetic lasers are used to break up veins and other blood vessels that create dark lines on the surface of your skin.
  • Hair Removal

    Say goodbye to waxing and shaving for 6-12 months. Lasers are used to stop your hair from growing in just a few treatments.

Laser treatments are generally safe, and side effects are rare.  Generally, problems only arise if something was done improperly.

The biggest skin related side effect or risk is pigmentation problems if the wrong laser or the wrong settings are used. Our laser center has multiple lasers for all skin types and is monitored by Dr. Adam Cohen, a qualified physician.

The primary reasons people have issues with laser hair removal is:

  1. Using the wrong laser for their skin type
  2. Inadequate or inconsistent cooling
  3. Using an IPL rather than a real laser for hair removal
  4. Incorrect laser settings
  5. Laser treatment performed in a setting other than a medical office with a physician on site.

Our patients enjoy the comfort of knowing that their laser treatment specialist is a qualified aesthetician with over 15 years experience, and is supervised by Dr. Cohen, a qualified oculoplastic surgeon who is a leader in his field.

After your treatment, you will probably experience some swelling and skin redness for a few days.

Antibiotic ointments may be used during the healing process. It is important for the patient to follow all directions given by Aggie or Dr. Cohen, particularly in using sunblock and avoiding sun exposure.

Depending on the type of laser treatment, the full impact of the laser may not be apparent for a month or two. In some cases, you will need to return for multiple sessions of the laser treatment before noticing a lasting effect.

The details on the number of sessions you will need, and the recovery period you can expect, will be given to you during your free consultation.

Insurance does not generally cover surgery that is done purely for cosmetic reasons. Surgery to correct or improve congenital deformities or accidental skin injuries may be covered in whole or in part. You should check with your healthcare insurance provider after your consultation to ask if the recommended treatments are covered by your provider.